5 Tools to Save Your Sanity While Wedding Planning

Learn about my 5 favorite tools that kept me on my toes throughout the wedding planning process. Download my free cheatsheet for more details and some handy tutorials.

When we decided to get hitched, I knew I needed to get my shit together. I'm self-employed (with two businesses at the time) and I knew I wanted to DIY the hell out of our big day. There was a lot to coordinate, and let's get real, I LURV to organize/plan/scheme.

My background is in project management, so naturally I overanalyzed what tools would maximize my efforts, minimize confusion, and be flexible enough to do what I wanted. 

Before I settled on the combination of tools below, I tried a variety of others: wedding guides, binders, online tools like The Knot, sticky notes—but none of these things were serving my planning needs, and with each passing day (replete with constant wedding-related questions from loved ones, friends, and complete strangers) my anxiety grew.

Finally, I found to unique combination that worked for me. Success! Triumph! Now the real planning could begin.

I know this list of tools may seem overwhelming at first, especially if you haven't heard of them, but keep reading for quick explanations on what each one can do. If any of these intrigue you, download the cheatsheet for more information on how I used each and relevant tutorials.

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the tools

1. Trello

Trello is a project management app that has a sticky-note vibe, with a lot of customization options. It can be as simple or as complex as you want. The app has a TON of options, and if you really fall in love there is a paid version with even more tools.

2. Passion Planner

The Passion Planner is a special planner designed to help you achieve your goals and maximize your time. It's amazing for everyday use, but I found it to be really helpful when planning our wedding. Whether you're in the market for a new planner or want a specific one for your wedding, you should definitely check it out!

3. Wordpress

Wordpress is a platform for websites, and though there are other wedding website offerings out there (like The Knot) I still prefer Wordpress. It's a great blend of easy-to-use and customizable tools that allows you to get as down in the weeds with the code as you like!

4. Google Drive

Google Drive is a wonderful online file storage system with sharing capabilities like WHOA, perfect for planning a wedding where everyone and your mom (literally!) needs to be clued in to certain details. You can share entire folders, specific documents, etc. and multiple people can edit documents at once!

5. Pinterest (duh!)

Pinterest is of course on the list—with a big ole' warning stamp. Tread cautiously! The shiny sparkly pins give you great ideas and make you feel like this wedding planning thing is a GD breeze, but at a certain point it stops being helpful and starts being a huge time suck. Don't go into the liiiiiiight! (<--- Poltergeist reference. Please tell me someone got this.) 

Want to know more?

Click below to download my cheatsheet for even more details and some super awesome links and tutorials.

Learn about my 5 favorite tools that kept me on my toes throughout the wedding planning process. Download my free cheatsheet for more details and some handy tutorials.