My name is Abby. I'm a planner-loving, sticky-note hoarding, color-coding gal, and I help busy brides and grooms get the most out of their big day without losing their shit.

When I got engaged in 2016, I was thrilled! But I quickly felt hella overwhelmed by all the wedding information, books, opinions, and pressures. I was recently self-employed and managing my co-owned business, starting up a new business, and was about to embark on planning what will likely be the biggest event I'm ever in charge of (so my introverted heart hopes LOL).

Before I ditched the 9-to-5, I spent most of my professional career project managing creative and digital products in the advertising industry. I picked up a ton of valuable skills and honed my organizational techniques, which I've applied to so many other areas of my life—including planning our wedding. 

I'm a chick who does her research (to a fault, some may say...) but in an industry so humungous where LITERALLY everyone and their mom has an opinion, it's difficult for anyone not to drown in analysis paralysis. 

That's why after planning my own wedding I decided to start Hustle to Hitch. I wanted to share my knowledge and planning skills with the busy soon-to-be-weds of the world. 

In my experience, wedding planning is a pretty even combo of making decisions, staying organized, and not losing your damn mind. 

I want to help you do all three by:

  • Sharing wedding ideas to make your big day uniquely meaningful for you and your partner
  • Providing planning tips, cheatsheets, workbooks, crash courses and more to make your wedding planning ten times easier
  • Supporting you on your crazy journey to saying "I do" to your one and only

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When I set out to plan our wedding, I wanted the perfect tools to help me get the job done. Problem was, there were a bazillion options out there, and no one tool seemed to be everything I was looking for. After a lot of trial and error, I settled on a combination of 5 tools—some expected and some unlikely, but all super easy-to-use. And 4 of the 5 are totally free! 

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